A Sound that Kills

High Fidelity speaker for the home or office, with a warm and powerful sound, very subtle, pleasant and faithful even at low listening.

We have tested it in different places and whether in small spaces or relatively large volumes (60m2 / 8m under ceiling) MinuSkull defends itself very well!

MinuSkull connects to any source (Ipod, digital player, computer …). Of course the better your source is, the more you’ll enjoy the luxurious quality of MinuSkull.

Inside the skull we have housed two speakers Broad-Bands Fostex Fe-83 with banana leaf pulp (the eyes). For a large natural reproduction in low, we stayed under the skull a mini French manufacturing subwoofer made to measure , a MOSFET transistor amplifier custom built which brings transparency and dynamic listening, and thus allows use MinuSkull without additional amplifier.

MinuSkull is scalable: this speaker is made to live alone, but we can use it as a duo to spatialize the stereo effect, or even put 5 to make the basis of a home cinema (add a subwoofer in this case ).

Domestic use. Handmade in France, with art and passion.

Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks (walnut model), 6 to 8 weeks (lacquered models)