Best Tech News Websites

best tech websites

Best Tech News Websites

We know for a fact that nothing in this world is permanent. Everything keeps changing. If there is something that is changing at high speed it definitely technology. It takes just a few months for a particular technology to be branded as old. Something comes up better than that. Hence it is mandatory for everyone to stay updated because most of our lives are becoming technology dependent. In this article, we will discuss the best tech news websites.

Techcrunch has always managed to exceed the expectations of tech enthusiasts. They make sure to provide every bit of information that the readers want. You can definitely find all the information that you need about the latest technology and gadgets. It might be an application, or new software or a product.

the next web


On average the site gets more than seven million viewers on a daily basis. Most of the experts refer to it as the place for the tech geeks. The best part of the site is that it also covers the business aspect of the product or service that they are explaining. The site provides all the news related to games, application, software, gadgets and a lot more.

The uniqueness of is the deep analysis and detailed explanation of everything that they report. If you are a person who is looking for future trends in technology is the ideal site for you. You can always expect the latest news and regular updates in One of the important things about is their new venture is a site run by Network18. The site is more engaging when compared to the rest of the sites. The videos, photos and the podcasts are of the best quality. They also provide unbiased reviews about

Mobiles, home theaters, and various gadgets. One of their stand out feature is “How to Tab “which teaches some amazing things. They compare the reviews with other sites and let the people decide for themselves.

For people who more interested in gadgets is one site that they cannot resist. Undoubtedly it is the best site to provide guidelines for gadgets. They have separate segments for Apple, Android, and Windows. The site also allows the readers to vote to register their opinion and display them after the end of polls.

The vision of is to enlighten the society in the field of technology. It almost covers every sector when it comes to technology. They make it a point to provide details after extensive research.  Hence there are no second thoughts about the authenticity of the news provided in the site. has nearly six million social media followers and an average of ten million visitors. The site is capable of rendering anyone a knowledgeable experience. The videos on the site need a special mention as they explain a lot of difficult things clearly.


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