iOS: A few essential apps

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iOS: A few essential apps

Do you have an iPhone or iPad on which you need to install every single new amazing app that comes out? Or are you just curious and want to enrich your experience on these devices? This article presents a selection of the essential applications under iOS according to us.

On the App Store, many gems can make your daily life, and that also deserve to be mentioned.

Photo PicsArt

Photo PicsArtDownloaded by more than 500 million people, Photo PicsArt is the most popular photo editing and collage software for iOS devices. Completely free, because it has advertising, it has thousands of different features for photo retouching: tools to cut, crop, stretch, clone, put text and adjust curves. It also offers a library containing artistic filters, frames, backgrounds, borders, captions, and fonts to add text to your images.

The options are numerous. So take your time to explore and master the interface, but the time invested is worth it. The application provides hundreds of templates to create collages. You can add the thousands of images downloaded by the community each day and used as background. All this leads to the creation and sharing of millions of personalized stickers and cliparts that can be used by everyone, to mix them with your photos, or remix the images of others.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies iosRelax Melodies is an application designed for all people with sleep problems who want to fall asleep more easily. It can also reduce stress and anxiety or meditate. The principle of the application is simple: the user has several types of sounds (animals, lullabies, brain waves, city sounds, music, nature, water, and white noise). It can mix up to 10 of them with the Mixer to create a relaxing and soothing melody.

You can adjust every sound independently of the others. The created songs can then be saved and reused later. As a base, the application offers more than 60 sounds for free; others are to be unlocked in the Pro version. Relax Melodies also contains guided meditation sessions on different themes (prelude to sleep, serenity, naps, dreams and tinnitus).


Citymapper iosCitymapper is the most complete transport application for Europe and the rest of the world. It is available in about thirty of the world’s largest cities. You can use it in France (in Paris and Lyon) and during your travels in the most famous cities (New York, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan, etc.). Citymapper’s mission is to provide the user with all the information he may need to get from point A to B quickly.

All the transport available in the city is taken into account: bus, train, regional express train companies for Parisians, metro, tramway, but also Uber and G7 taxis, self-service cars, bicycles, scooters, scooters, etc. You get real time information with the data provided by the companies. The application also indicates the price of the various services and alerts you in case of disruption.

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