MinuSkull is the little sister of the monumental pieces we have been creating for a few years around Hi-Fi, but each one remains one of our works in the same way as a drawing or a sculpture.


Re-exploring the almost “esoteric” tracks of Hi-Fi means finding a forgotten secret, experiencing rare and therefore luxurious sensations, like driving a sports car without a speed limit, for example …


Our work is about the image, but we have always been fascinated by music and sound. The world of Hi-Fi is a fabulous playground, where we can confront our visual universe to the emotional dimension brought by sound.


The sound of MinuSkull is warm, ample, precise, we like it deeply and reflects the atmosphere of our workshop, where sound and images connect naturally.


We expected from a speaker something other than a beautiful industrial object even high quality sound too often formatted.We were looking for a sound made for us and each component of MinuSkull is chosen or developed to measure.


It took us more than a year to refine this project, accompanied by a team of independent specialists, themselves creators of technology. The constraints related to technology have not been a hindrance to visual creation. The shape and the proportion of the Skull are precisely born of these constraints, and not the opposite.


It’s a sophisticated, powerful object, and most important to us, with a soul.